The Honeymoon

“Oh my God, Nick .. this is … heavenly!” Esmée swooned like she had ever since the island first came into view from the connection plane from Del Sol Valley. Now that the island shuttle service, basically a rugged Jeep Wrangler with an even more rugged driver in nothing but a sarong type skirt, which Nick couldn’t help but eye skeptically wondering if it would fall off the man. But it didn’t and after a very bumpy and speedy ride they made it to the rental cabin right on the beach at nightfall.

Now they were on their way to inspect the cabin, Ezzy swooning ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

“Too bad it is dark already! That water looks soooo tempting.”
“You afraid of the dark, Mrs. Gray?”
“No, husband.”
“Then who says we cannot go swimming?”

So they did. Romantically at night, in the still balmy breeze and warm waters, clear as glass.

This was the precursor of how the next week was spent.

Just relaxing and working on their tans

Swimming and making new friends




“A shipwreck with a mailbox. Now I really have seen it all!” Nick chuckled.




…other things …



And then the last night came. Ezzy was so down about it, it broke Nick’s heart.

While she was finishing packing, he was checking them in online, she reminisced about their beautiful time spent there.

“We’ll come back here, baby. Soon. Promise.” he told her over their last dinner in the cabin.

“Really, as soon as we can swing it with work and life. I want to come back too.”

Then the next morning came way too fast, one last look and back in the Jeep they went.

The flight to Del Sol Valley was quiet, both lost in their dreams of the romantic honeymoon together.
When they landed in Del Sol Valley to catch their connection back home they were both in a daze.

They sat and sat, one delay after the next until finally, after 5 hours their flight was cancelled altogether. The flights for the next day were booked solid.
So Nick rented a car and decided they would drive back home.

The drive was nice, a classic car was all they had left at the rental place.

Until suddenly the car began stuttering and turned off. Nick was able to coast it to the side of the road.

“Nick, it’s dark and this is no man’s land … middle of the desert. Nothing here for miles.”
“There is a house there. We’ll ask them to call a tow truck.”

Nobody opened so they took the luggage and started walking. Eventually they reached a city sign.

“StrangerVille? Are they for real?”
“Hey, maybe ‘hole in the desert’ was already taken?” Nick jested.

Finally they reached a bar, the only place with lights on.
They were thirsty, starving and figured someone at the bar would know who to call.

“No, sorry, we only have one repair shop here for miles, but Billy is away at a wedding, won’t be back till Monday.” the bar keep told them casually.

“That is three days from now! There must be a AAA or someone in the next town…” Nick protested.
“Nobody from the next town comes out this far and neither will any car clubs. If you want your car fixed, you either do it yourself of wait for Billy, like the rest of us.” the man behind the bar informed Nick.

“Fine. Where is the hotel in town?” he asked deflated.
“Ain’t got none. I got a trailer you can rent across the street.”
“You do not have a hotel in town?” Ezzy could not believe what she was hearing.

“No, not the next town either, if you could get there, which you can’t seeing how your car is down and all. And Billy won’t be back till Monday, 10 AM.”
“Fine, we’ll rent the trailer.” Nick told him.

When they went over Esmée nearly had a heart attack.

“Is this for real?!”” she kept repeating.
“From heaven straight to hell.” Nick confirmed.

After a thorough inspection, which due to the very limited size took two minutes.

“I am sorry baby, that it had to end on this note. We’ll get through it. We have been through much worse than a crazy weird town.”

They calmed down, got ready for bed and eventually drifted off to a dreamless sleep from their exhausting day, dreaming of the beautiful days spent on the island.

Little did they know that they would be in for the adventure of their lifetimes.


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