5-36) Beneath the Surface

Ethan pulled a sobbing Amy inside, comforting her, rocking her gently, wondering not only what had happened but also why he seemed to be the catchall for broken females.

Finally, when Amy calmed down enough, he took her along into his living room.

“What happened, Amy?”
“Things went out of control … everything spiraled so bad …” she stuttered.
“What spiraled? Did Carson do this? Where is your baby, Amy? Where is Parker?”

Amy just started sobbing again like crazy and it took Ethan a lot of time and patience to calm her down.

“He’s gone … just … gone ….” her words and actions seemed discombobulated.

“Gone? What do you mean, Amy? Gone to where?”
“Dead .. he is dead …” she sobbed.
“What?! Amy how?!” Ethan’s heart began to race, a bitter aftertaste in his mouth.

“I don’t know … I … was not myself and took some meds to calm me and help me sleep … I was awoken by someone screaming like crazy … then I realized it was Carson. I ran as fast as I could, calling for him. He was in the nursery .. holding Parker. But he looked weird …. all blue … and … he … he …. Carson was crying and so mad, he yelled at me for being a horrible mother and then he … lost it….” she sniffled.

“We need to call the police, Amy.”
“No! Please … I don’t want to go to jail!”
“Amy, it was an accident… it can happen. But Carson cannot just hit you.”

Finally he had Amy calmed down, send her to the shower, then called his parents. He didn’t know what else to do. In no time, his mother was over.

Just after she arrived and they did the greetings and brief update there was someone else at the door.

“Carson?! You have some nerve!” Ethan grumbled.

“So I am right, she came to you? Is she still here?” he replied unfazed.
“You are not going to touch her again!” Ethan warned him.
“Is that what she told you?” Carson shook his head, looking tired.

“Told me and is walking proof.” Ethan growled.
“Where is she?” Carson asked calmly.
“Hardly any of your business!”

“Ethan, baby, let him speak. Hi, I am Ethan’s mother, Everleigh Cameron.”
“Mrs. Cameron, pleasure to meet you. I wished it were under different circumstances. As unusual as this may be, I think highly of your son and grandson.”

“Pleasure is mutual. Amy is a sweet girl and still very dear to all our hearts. So what is going on?”
“Mrs. Cameron, Ethan, Amy has issues. I tried, very very hard, but she is a danger to herself and the baby.” Carson Sullivan said.

“Your dead baby?” Ethan couldn’t understand.
“Dead?” Carson was taken aback.

“She told my son that you found Parker dead in his crib.” Evey explained.

“Parker is fine, asleep and with Amy’s father. There was a bit of an incident, but I caught it all in time. You are welcome to call Amy’s dad to check, assume you still know your ex-father in law’s number if not I’ll give it to you. Look, Amy is a wonderful, kind woman, but she has problems. Her imagination … she … when stressed, she cannot distinguish between fact and fiction. It is not her fault, but she needs help. Badly.” Carson explained.
“She is insane?” Ethan repeated, mouth agape.
“Ethan!” Evey shook her head at her son.

“Not insane, but in need of medications, which she often forgets or just not takes, and therapy, which she skips when I am not in town.” Carson seemed frustrated.
Everleigh offered Ethan’s couch, where they all sat down for some more insight which Carson readily provided.

Evidently Amy had been suffering badly since just before the separation from Ethan, her father helped her find treatment, where she met Carson.
They fell in love, long before he ever found out something was severely wrong with Amy. They almost split up a few times until he found out. They have been battling her issues ever since.
“Oh, hi honey .. you are here too?” Amy came down the stairs, then went to hug her husband like it was the most natural situation.

Everleigh and Ethan exchanged looks, while Carson took it in stride.

“My love, we need to take you to the hospital. Come on now ….”

Immediately, Amy tensed up and started fighting Carson off.
A struggle ensued, Evey and Ethan jumped in to assist, Ethan received a black eye too and Evey lost a few strands of hair, but quickly with almost routine handling Carson restrained Amy, gave her an injection, after which she soon became subdued.

“It’s a disorder with a name from here to there. Like I said, we have been working on this ever since we first fell in love. Trust me, it is not easy. Certain situations, stress and who knows what, somehow roll some movie in her head and then whatever her brain imagines, becomes 100% real to her, no matter how outlandish. Maybe from something she read or saw on TV. She cannot return from that imaginary place without medical help, which is where this gets dangerous. The doctors thought familiar surroundings would aid with battling it, as would seeing her son, so we moved to San Myshuno. All was under control until she had the baby. On top of all she ended up with a case of postpartum depression which triggered the mess all over. And that black eye, yes, that was probably me. As you saw, it is not always easy to keep her from harming herself and others. For what it’s worth, it was not intentional. I love her very much, even though I won’t lie, it is trying sometimes. I need to take her to the hospital now. There is nothing else anyone can do for her until she recovers. Usually takes a few days, sometimes a week, but then she is the Amy we all know and love again. You two are welcome to go with me and hear it straight from the doctor.”

They did, they heard the entire spiel with medical terms sprinkled in, after Carson gave the okay for them to be privy to it all, while Amy had been taken to the closed ward for treatment. Carson went to stay with his wife, while Evey took Ethan home.

Once back at Ethan’s place, he sat down on the couch, looking worse for the wear.

“Are you okay on your own, baby? You can stay over at home, we can shuffle the grandkids around. There is always room for you at home.”

“Thanks mom. You already did enough. No, I need to digest this on my own now. My son’s mother is a certified nutjob. Damn. I guess I need to look into getting him tested or something.”
“Ethan, that does not have to be. But it is probably best if we do not tell Blakey about this. And obviously no visits for a while. I am sure the court needs to hear about that. That Carson guy seems overwhelmed as is. Good thing Amy’s father is around.”
“To think I had my son and that baby alone with her. And she seemed so normal, so believable … when all the while she was lying to me.”

“Ethan, sweetie, she wasn’t. It is not Amy’s fault. To her, it was the truth and reality. What a tragedy. Sad.”


The next morning someone was at the door. Ethan had barely slept until it already started getting light out, and the doorbell woke him again after only little sleep.

His parents were keeping Blake all day to give him time to recoup and for his bruised eye to subside a little more.
More zombie-like than truly awake Ethan made his way to answer the door.

“Oh dear me, did I miss the party of the century last night?” Grace said.

“Morning Grace.” Ethan mumbled.
“Surpriiiiise. Is that a shiner?! Where did you get that?!”

“You don’t want to know.”
“Au contraire, I do very much want to know. I am making you coffee and breakfast and you will spill the beans.”
Ethan was barely functional when Grace sat down a plate of eggs in front of him, followed by coffee, then looked at him expectantly.

“Amy showed up last night. She gave me the shiner when mom, Carson and I struggled to restrain her to take her to the hospital.”
“Your mom? And Carson as in her new husband? I really missed out by the sounds of it.”

Ethan told her the story, Grace’s eyes grew big, until she jumped up and sat in his lap, kissing him.

“My poor baby! I’ll take care of you and your shiner. How’s that sound? Grandma is in good hands. I have all day to pamper you.”

“Best news I had in days.” Ethan agreed.

Breakfast got cold and remained uneaten, while Ethan and Grace indulged in other activities than breakfast.


Amy recovered and was released within a few days, just as Carson had predicted. She called to apologize, Ethan told her there was no need. The court suspended Blake’s visits pending further psychiatric evaluations.

But not all was even keel on the home front. The next uproar was waiting afoot and arrived in the innocent form of one of the usual family dinners at KC and Evey’s home.

Blake and Ally went off to play while the adults remained around the table for an after dinner cup of coffee and unfiltered adult conversation.

Naturally the Amy situation had been rehashed, EC Architects and Nick’s law firm were talked about.

“I guess I have some news now. Sorry Nick, this is gonna be a bit bassackwards, and I meant to do this with you first, but since they are all here and I am not so sure how you would react if we were alone … plus, I think we could use some good news around here … so here goes: there will be an addition to the Gray household soon.”

“What? WHAT!? You better be talking about a pet!” Nick exclaimed.
“No, babe. You are going to be a daddy again.” Ezzy told him.
“What? WHAT?! WHAAAAT?!” Nick stuttered, jumping up.

“How far along are you, baby?” Everleigh inquired.
“I haven’t been to the doctor yet, trying to fly under the radar to be sure this isn’t another miscarriage, but I should be about 5 months, maybe 6. Funny that none of you noticed. Did you all think I started wearing tents as a fashion statement?”
“Seriously, six months and you didn’t notice, Nick?! I think I need to sit you down for an in-depth birds and bees talk.” KC chuckled.
“Dad’s right! With all the humping you and my sister do, how could you not notice, you dork?!” Ethan added grinning.
“Ethan! Seriously?!” Esmée reprimanded her brother.

“I … she … the way .. she … with as skinny she is I thought she just had been deep diving the cookie jar too much and was a bit self conscious about getting a bit thick around the middle. I wasn’t going to touch that topic with her with a ten foot pole! Now I realize … oh my God I am an idiot! I was so tired with the law firm and just didn’t question  …. but how? I made sure it couldn’t .. did you do something to my condoms?!”
“We shall never know for sure. Anyway, tomorrow you will be late to work, cause you and I have a doctor’s appointment, with ultrasound and all. We’ll find out how that baby is and its gender. Just to cut the suspense, I can feel him or her kicking, so it’s all good in there.”
“Okay …” Nick looked shaken up, and remained that way while the others began to celebrate.


“All righty, let’s have a look at that little bugger.” the doctor said moving the scanner wand around on Ezzy’s swollen stomach to get a reading as Esmée smiled at a tense Nick holding her hand.

“Oh! Hmm … Oh my….”
“WHAT?! Is something wrong? What is wrong! Something is wrong! I knew it! What is it!?” Nick instantly went into panic mode.
“Nothing, Mr. Gray, just unusual to have the first appointment this late into a pregnancy. But if you would look at the screen …. see right here this rhythmic movement? That is the baby’s heartbeat.”

“Why is there an echo?”
“There isn’t. That is another heartbeat. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Gray, you are having twins ….”

Next was a thud, a shriek by Esmée

Followed by the doctor calling
“Oh for heaven’s sake, son! Nurse, nurse, come in here please, we got ourselves a dropper!”


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  1. Oh my. Amy is truly certifiable! I’m glad she has Carson. But not sure if he’ll be able to have her around their son in her condition. She could wind up committed. So sad. I’m glad Grace didn’t get mad when she saw Ethan’s shiner. Dang.

    And Esmee! I knew it! And I cracked up when Nick hit the floor! Twins! I hope she doesn’t wind up on bed rest. Poor Nick, he’s going to be beside himself. Not the best way to tell someone they are going to be a daddy, but I can understand why she did it.

    I hope this time things go as they are supposed to. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I laughed so hard shooting this … poor Nick … looks like we are not turning Ally’s nursery into a home office after all, sorry dude. Looks more like I will be remodeling the home after I just finished with that. GRR.
      Yeah, Amy. It is sad.

      Liked by 1 person

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