6-18) Test Anxiety

Sometimes, you just can’t have what you want, but it doesn’t mean that you can never have it. Everything takes place at the right time.

Blake didn’t have to knock, as soon as he walked up to Hailey’s door and raised his hand, it was opened, he was pulled inside by her, before she immediately shut the door behind him, locking it after briefly looking around outside.

“Hailey, are you all right? Did someone scare you?” Blake asked worried.

“Yes. No. Complicated. Nobody did anything to me. Did anyone see you come up the road?” Hailey looked frazzled.

“What? No, I don’t think so. Should I be wearing a trenchcoat and a fake beard?” Blake grinned.

“No jokes, Blake, not today. And thanks for coming and not asking a thousand questions. I just couldn’t do this alone. But I need to do this. Needs to be done.”

“Are we killing Mark?” Blake asked importantly, suppressing a grin.

“I said no jokes! I am not in the mood, Blake.” Hailey sounded upset.

“Ok, ok. Sorry. So why am I here? As thrilled as I am to be invited, especially on rush order, something is not right here. Did something break?”

“If anything in my house broke that I couldn’t fix myself, you would be the last person I’d call, no offense, but your two left hands are legendary. No, you’re here for that.” Hailey pointed at a package on the kitchen counter.

Blake snorted a laugh.

“Pretty certain I don’t need one. Been a real good boy, promise. Well, for the most part but you definitely know about that one time I wasn’t, seeing you were there.”

“Which part of ‘no jokes’ do you not understand, Blake?!” Hailey was angry.

“Ok, ok. So you bought a test. Why am I here?”

“To pee on the stick with me. If I had to do this alone, I’d die of a heart attack, I swear.”

Blake smirked.

“Not sure that’s how it works, but if you want me to, I’ll pee on a stick with you.”

“Blake Cameron! Stop it! Do I really need to spell it out for you? I know you were totally wasted, but you know what we did. What I did. Oh my gawd, what was I thinking?!”

“Probably that you should give me another chance. Your body is obviously thinking that, your brain and pride just need to catch up … ”

“One more joke and I’ll slap you! Do you not understand what is riding on that test right now?!”

“I wasn’t joking. But if it is not obvious to you now that you still feel …”

“Shut up! I am going to pee on a stick now. Actually, three sticks. Bought a multipack, just in case. You better keep those fingers crossed and stop with the jokes for Pete’s sake!”

“Are we rooting for or against?”

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Well, you want kids … and …”

“Shut your face. Just be here. Don’t you dare leave me now.”

“I would never leave you. You know I won’t.”

Blake sighed as she disappeared into the small bathroom. She was unusually tense, which was why he kept trying to make light of it all, his face now showed he was processing the news himself, biting his lip.

Maybe he should be worried, tense like her. At least surprised.
But he wasn’t.
Blake was calm as could be.
When he got her call, the first sign of life after their night together, he already had a suspicion of what it could be about, so he had the entire car ride here to get his mind wrapped around all the possibilities.

Soon Hailey emerged again.


“And now we wait. Man Blake, what are we going to do? What am I going to do?”

“It’s not that bad. I am not going to ditch, you know that. And my family will help.”

“Would help. Not will. Let’s stay positive.”

“So you want it to be negative? No baby, right?”

“Yes, I want it very much to be negative. What kind of question is that Blake? I do not want a child with my ex, while having to hurt my new boyfriend because I cheated on him … oh my God, I cheated. I am a cheater! I had not even realized that part yet! I am scum. I have become exactly what I hate so much.”

“You’re not scum. We were drunk ….”

“Except I wasn’t. I had one glass of champagne hours before I drove you home. Oh no, Blake, I was crystal clear. I knew very well what I was doing.”

“Okay, be that as it may, but what I do not get is, if you do not want any of this, why did you even call me? Doesn’t sound like there will be a celebration of the test results, nor a boy-gets-girl moment.”

“I cannot do this alone, I told you. I have nobody else to call. Or can you imagine me trying to explain any of this to my parents or Lyle, expecting either of them to show compassion? Can you fathom what they would tell me?! It wouldn’t be pretty, that’s for certain and I cannot blame them. I wasn’t raised like this. Or maybe I should have called Mark? I am sure he’d be excited to find out about my misstep by holding my hand while waiting for a pregnancy test result. I know I’ll have to tell him anyway. But carefully. Kindly. Hoping he’ll forgive me.”

“Yeah, fingers crossed.” Blake’s tone oozed sarcasm.

“Can you please?! Oh, the timer. Please be negative, please!” Hailey rushed into the bathroom.

Blake heard an excited squeal, then she came out and jumped into his arms.

“Negative! All three are! We lucked out! Thank goodness! YES!”

Blake folded his arms around her, but somehow the excitement and relief just didn’t want to set in. He smiled solely about the feeling of holding her so close.

While he was still not keen on reproducing, a pregnancy would put him firmly back on her map, no matter what that Mark figure would say or do.

A hearty knock on the window interrupted them, Blake let go and both saw Mark’s face through the window.

“Speaking of the devil …” Blake remarked annoyed.

“Oh boy! You behave now, Blake!” Hailey said, then unlocked the door, inviting him in.

To say he looked displeased would have been putting it mildly.

“Care to explain this happy reunion behind locked doors?” Mark asked, his voice dangerously calm while he was shooting eye daggers at Blake.

“Are you spying on me?” Hailey asked.

“No. I was driving past on my way home to the ranch when I saw his Jeep parked down the road, next to your car. Thought he may be up to his old tricks and you may need help. Guess I was wrong. Looked cozy. Hope I didn’t interrupt.” Mark’s tone was calm, but his eyes and stance were a dead giveaway that he was upset.

“If I said yes, would you leave again?” Blake asked him unimpressed.

“Blake, shut up! It’s not what it looked like. I asked Blake to come by to .. uh .. help me with something.” Hailey tried to diffuse the moment.

“I can see what he is helping with. Assume that is not for him?” Mark pointed at the pregnancy test Hailey was still holding.

“Uh – no. Oh boy, oh boy.” she blushed, nervous about being caught red-handed she stared at the test like a ghost, then quickly put it away.

“And? Reason to congratulate?” Mark’s tone was sharp and sarcastic.

“Negative. Thank God.” Hailey attempted a very failed smile.

“Sorry buddy. Better luck next time.” Blake smirked.

“One more word out of you and I will punch you into the ground. No holds barred this time.” Mark warned Blake.

“Maybe you should get your old downstairs faucet checked for rust patches?” Blake kept poking the bear.

“Blake, shut up!” Hailey hissed.

“What? Grumpy cannot take a joke?” Blake shrugged.

“Just stop it! You are making things worse for me.” Hailey said uncomfortably.

“How?” Blake asked.

“Because he knows it wouldn’t have been his.” Hailey’s face warned Blake to finally let it go. Naturally he didn’t.

“Ah yeah? Does he not know birth control can fail? Or is Super Mark-io infallible? He wills his bodily functions into submission, huh?!” Blake just could not stop instigating, enjoyed watching the anger pulsate through almost every visible vein of Mark’s head and neck, while he remained disturbingly calm, even when he now growled at Blake.

“What Hailey is trying to tell you is that I never slept with her. But I see what being a gentleman and patient gets me.”

Hailey closed her eyes, hanging her head, visibly humiliated.

“Oh, shit.” Blake exclaimed, when he realized that his behavior really did not do much to improve on the situation on hand.

“Yeah. On that befitting note, maybe you should go now, Blake. Thank you for coming out. I need to talk to Mark alone now.” Hailey said, forcefully composed.

“As if I’d leave you alone with him now!” Blake shook his head.

“I do not hit women, you are the exception confirming that rule, Blake. But you are right Hailey, we definitely have to talk.”

“Blake … please.” Hailey begged.

“No. I am staying.” Blake crossed his arms, defiantly. That dude would not get to yell at his Hailey tonight. Not on his watch. No Sir.

Blake just could not get himself to leave, well aware that his refusal would end nowhere good. He had gotten too close to getting back with Hailey, they had shared a night and it almost resulted in a pregnancy.

She looked so desperate and humiliated now, it broke his heart. Clearly she felt guilty for what she had done, and how it affected her relationship with that Mark.

“Leave, my friend. Now!” Mark’s tone was eerily calm, but with a distinct warning in it.

“Not your friend and not happening. Don’t want you to hit that dumb lil ho there. Truth is, I got shitfaced and she was handy, when she started playing hard to get I showed her what a real man is till she quit fighting me. Bitch almost stuck me with a baby. We all lucked out, no brat, no child support and you learned to make sure to be sober enough to wrap your junk up before you get on top matters with her.” Blake laid on his best Drake impression.

“I hope to God that none of this is true. Hailey, did he touch you against your will? If you raped her I will tear you apart right here!” Mark was confused, but getting upset.

“Mark, stop! No. He is lying to protect me. It was nothing like that. I initiated it. All of it. He was very drunk, I drove him here. And I did this. I had sex with him that night, willingly. I didn’t do it to hurt you, I swear, I just wasn’t thinking straight. I do not know what was going on in my head. I wasn’t drunk. But I am not going to let you take the fall for me, Blake, and you deserve better than a lie, Mark. Truth is, I messed up and it almost did go wrong. I am very sorry.” Hailey pleaded.

“I need to get out of here. This is ridiculous. I’ll call you, Hailey, in a few days. I need some time to digest this. Right now I feel like a father who busted his teen daughter in the act with her boyfriend. I know this kind of stuff happens in relationships, but I need to figure out how I personally feel about it.” Mark turned to leave in his calm, composed but obviously upset way.

The door shut with a loud bang causing Hailey and Blake to jump. Even the engine of his truck sounded angry.

“Even he feels too old for you.” Blake was the first to break the awkward silence.

“I will kill you, Blake. I am ashamed and hurting! Not the time for comedy.”

“Sorry Hailz. But why did you do that? I was getting you out of it. That way I could have done something good for you, for once, instead of messing it up more, like I did. Again.”

“I know, Blake. And you didn’t mess it up more, it already is messed up beyond belief. But thank you. Also, I cannot wait to never ever hear you sound like that ‘Drake’ ever again. I hate that guy so much. Oh, and also – if you ever call me a ‘ho’ ever again, for whatever reason, I will kick you!”

“Was necessary, Drake was trying to help you this time.”

“I know he was. No, you were. But Blake, this wouldn’t have been right. You were innocent in all this. I did all that. Knowingly. I guess you could even file rape charges against me now.” she shook her head.

“Can’t rape the willing, Hailz.” he smiled at her and pulled her into his arms. She allowed it.



“Why were you so calm? Earlier I mean. I thought for sure we’d be freaking out together or I’d be too busy talking you off the ledge than to worry about any of this myself.”

“Don’t know. Just didn’t scare me, I guess.” Blake said into the floral scent of her hair that he loved so much.

“Maybe you really have changed. All that would have been left of the old Blake if I had told him I may or may not be pregnant by him would have been a Blake-shaped hole in my wall.”

“Maybe this version of me really would deserve a second chance …” Blake said, causing Hailey immediately to wiggle free from his embrace.

“Blake. Not that again. I know we both are tempted, I admit it, but we both learned the hard way that you and I do not work out as a couple, no matter how we may feel right now. No, I am going to try patch things up with Mark. If he’ll still have me. Doubtful, but I have to try. But thank you, for everything. I mean it.”

“Hailz … can I ask you something though?”


“How come you haven’t slept with him yet? You’ve been with him for almost six months now ….”

“Oh my gawd, goodbye Blake!”


3 thoughts on “6-18) Test Anxiety

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  1. Dang. I was wondering the whole time why she was so sure, if she were pregnant, that it would be Blake’s. So, Hailey, that was a good question! Why haven’t you slept with him? You had no qualms about jumping on Blake. Because she doesn’t love him. That’s why! She loves Blake. Duh.

    Dang. I wish she would have been. Then they’d be forced to face the fact that they care deeply about one another. And I know Blake will be a good Daddy. When he was drunk he said he wanted babies running all around their house! 😂😂😂

    I can’t believe your leaving this on that cliffhanger. I want the answer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, yeah, cliffhangers.
      Blake wants Hailey, by any means necessary. He is still not all that much into marriage or kids, at least that’s what he keeps believing. At his dad’s wedding he was pretty emotional.

      Left to his own devices he would probably never even think about marriage or kids, but now it seems to be an ever-present divide keeping him from what he really wants: Hailey.
      He even told her in a previous post he’d marry her right there. Naturally that is NOT what Hailey wants. She wants Blake, even admits it, but his career choice in the public eye again is just not something she can handle, understandable. Somehow both keep getting so close, but always a near miss in the end.

      And poor Mark. Innocent in all this, but understandably upset. Especially finding out that way. He’d be perfect for Hailey, she was raised on a farm and wants to be a farmer, he has a horse ranch which is the next best thing …

      P.S. I am glad you caught Blake’s drunk stupor babble about babies in the last chapter. I laughed so hard …

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah. I didn’t realize Mark was a rancher. Yes. He would suit Hailey. But she doesn’t love him like she loves Blake. They need a compromise if they’re going to be together. She’s settling for Mark because they are both unwilling to compromise, which surprises me a little. Both are being selfish.

        Liked by 1 person

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