6-24) Chase

The weeks following the funeral, after a due convalescence period from the loss of Everleigh and KC Cameron, were filled with intense preparation.

An initial visit to the gynecologist determined that Hailey was already well past 3 months into her pregnancy and had already started to gain weight around her mid-section an an alarming rate. Due to the position of the child, determining the gender was not yet possible. Since they wanted to keep this existing pregnancy from her parents if at all feasible, the wedding had to happen fast.

With Blake’s family’s connections and help the soonest they could secure a decent spot was New Year’s, but on the upside it was at the small wedding chapel in Windenburg.

Not only was it beautiful, but it guaranteed that Hailey’s parents, brother, his wife and young son, could all be there as it required only minimal travel from their farm on the outskirts of Windenburg. That date was cutting it very close and would require a dress able to hide the already swelling stomach. She would be almost four months along by then.

The young couple went dress shopping together, doing away with the usual superstition about the groom not seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding.

Nothing was the usual for them.

There was no time for alterations so the choices were already very limited.


Time flew by with preparations for Winterfest, then suddenly it was the wedding day slash New Year’s Eve.

The couple was beyond happy. And ready.

The wedding was small and quaint, very simple. There just had not been enough time to go all out. Neither Blake nor Hailey really cared. While Hailey was a very romantic girly type, since she was a young teen she had wanted Blake and now he was hers. And they were expecting the baby she always had wanted.

A meaningful kiss and the first as married couple.

The cake cutting

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron


And then, only a few weeks after the rush wedding, came the day to find out the gender of their baby, its position allowing this time. Hailey could no longer hide her pregnancy now.

A little boy. Healthy as they come.


It was time to furnish the nursery. More shopping was in order and both looked lost in the maternity/nursery shop. The Beach House was very small, which required added finesse.

They managed and both were happy with the result.


Blake’s dad Ethan kept his word and was very hands on and always available to stifle pre-parental worries and answer questions by the young couple.

Blake didn’t stop being an attentive partner. He helped where he could, both now working from home, she as a writer, he writing music and producing. They still went out plenty, as a couple and with friends and family, to nice dinners, dancing, BBQs, walks, …

During one walk through San Myshuno they passed a wishing well. Both tossed coins. Maybe it did nothing, but couldn’t hurt, right?


Spring came and went, the first warm days of early summer arrived. And with it came the day where Hailey suddenly doubled over with contractions. They rushed to the hospital immediately.

When they got there they were checked in, assigned a room – and waited and waited … and waited …. in agony and great discomfort, anxious and nervous.

“Ouuuwww .. Blake, I swear, I am going to die. DIE!” Hailey wailed.

“No, baby. You are strong. It will be over soon. It will all go very quick soon.” Blake could hardly hide his own worried feelings.

“I cannot lay around anymore. I need to sit up.”

“Okay baby.”

“Help me up. I want to move around.”

“Hailz …” Blake attempted to reason with Hailey, but one look silenced him.

“Blake! NOW!” Hailey seemed immediately upset.

“OK.” Blake smile as calming as he could.

“Oh no! Not another one! Hold me!” she clung on to him for dear life and it broke his heart feeling her tense up and moan.

“OK!!” he just said, trying to not freak out.

“Ugh, just a little one. OK, let’s go.” she exhaled.

“Go where?”

“Well, walk around, that’s what we were doing, right?!” she sounded testy.

“Ok …” Blake said quickly as he assisted her out into the hallway.

They walked some steps over to one of the windows, where she paused.

“Man, nobody tells you about THIS!” Hailey moaned out of breath.

“Actually, they do. They …” Blake attempted but was cut off.

“Am I in pain or you!? Everybody’s an expert when they are not affected!” she hissed.

“Right. Dammit. Someone should have warned us …” Blake was not going to argue. He was affected. Very much so. It pained him to see her so miserable. Where were the doctors and nurses? And why no pain meds?!

“Oh no no no no no! Not another  … ouww!” Hailey pushed against a wall, Blake just held on to her, unsure what else to do to comfort her.

“Maybe we should get you back into bed, baby.” he suggested gently.

“Ok. As soon as I can move again.” Hailey sounded whiny.

Once the current contraction subsided, he assisted her back to the room, painfully slow, but eventually they had made it.

“Thank you Blakey. Sorry I was a bitch.” she smiled embarrassed.

“You’re trying to have our son. You are entitled.” Blake smirked.

“You are the sweetest husband in the world.” Hailey got emotional and sniffled, on the verge of crying.

Oh hormones, you’ll be the death of me. Blake thought but instead said

“None of that. Only happy thoughts! I love you and I am the luckiest guy in the entire universe. And my lovely wife should rest now.” Blake kissed her hand.

“Oh, you are so sweet and cute and adorable! Man, what if we wouldn’t have gotten back together? That just would not have been right.” Hailey’s eyes began to well up again and he bottom lip trembled suspiciously.

“Nope, but that is nothing we need to worry about anymore. You’d have to beat me away with several sticks. Big ones. And now, rest. That’s an order by Doctor Blake.” Blake smirked the crooked signature Cameron smirk.

Hailey giggled. When Blake returned with a glass of water only a few minutes later, she was out cold. Blake settled in next to her, holding her hand.

“We’ll be all right. Gotta be.” he gave himself a pep talk. He needed it. This was already a lot more stressful and scary than he ever imagined.

After a few more hours and a medical check up, they were sent home.

False alarm.


On a wonderful balmy and sunny summer afternoon Blake and Hailey were out again for a walk, enjoying the days getting longer and thoughts of chilly days and snow now barely a memory.

“Oooh!” Hailey moaned, holding her by now immense belly attracting Blake’s immediate attention. He had fallen behind window shopping.

“Hailz?!” he urged.

“Nothing. Just our little monster kicking like crazy and he is getting a little too heavy on my back to carry around so long.

“You are right! Let’s sit and have a coffee.”

They walked and waddled to the small cafe around the corner, ordered and decided to sit outside.

For a while things were harmonious and calm.

Then Hailey got uneasy again, got up to use the restroom, which was really not a big surprise anymore at this point.

She stiffened and moaned, so Blake got up to steady her, comfort her.

“Blake, something is …. weird.” Hailey moaned.

“Weird as in …?”

“Oh no! NO! Oh my … oh no!” Hailey mumbled nervously.

“Baby, what?! You are scaring me! What? Pain!?”


“I’ll get you some!”

“Don’t you walk off! MY water! Broken!”

“You didn’t have any water, but I can get you some … OH! OH!!!”


“I’ll get the car. You sit down here.”

“Don’t you dare leave me! I can walk!”


“Walk off and I will scream!”

“Ok ok… relax.”

It took a long time to make it to the car like this, but Blake didn’t dare say anything else after his comment

“Look at the bright side, this time we can be pretty sure it’s not false alarm.”

earned him a look that just about could kill.

But they did make it to the car and even to the hospital.

They were checked into a room immediately, a few quick checks were performed and then their gyn came to tell them it was go time for sure.

“Oh good, you are a smart couple who keeps the bag in the trunk. She’ll need it tonight. We’ll get her changed and ready or not, you will be parents soon. Will you be present in the delivery room?”

Dr. Anderson had addressed Blake, but Hailey answered before he could

“YES! He will be!”

“All right, let’s get you cleaned up too and I’ll give you instructions now. Mrs. Cameron has the tough job, yours is to be supportive.”

“He’s good at that! He’s my rock! I couldn’t have done any of this without him.”

“She’s right, in more than one way.” Blake smirked.

“Seriously Blake?!”


It took nearly half a day until they were in the delivery room, Blake felt mortified listening to Hailey wail, moan and groan in pain and discomfort. It had been too late for an epidural, so she had to suffer through the entire pain. But she would not dilute any further. For hours and hours on end it was just a waiting game until finally the nurse called go time.

Once they were finally in the delivery room things went smooth and fast.

And suddenly there was an oddly colored something, immediately snatched up by the nurse, swaddled and rushed off to weigh, clean, measure and check as Hailey fell back onto the bed exhausted.

By the time she had somewhat recovered they brought the baby back in.

“Mr. and Mrs Cameron, here is your son. A healthy, strong baby boy.”

“Give him here! I want my baby. My son. OUR son!” Hailey demanded in a tone unusual for her as she had her arms stretched out greedily for the small bundle of joy, gargling in the doctor’s arms now.

The doctor carefully placed the newborn into his mother’s arms and Blake felt like he was about to faint or jump high through the ceiling for relief and elation as he stared in wonder at the tiny creature he helped create.


World, meet Chase Cameron, the 7th generation of our Cameron legacy.

– to be continued after a brief hiatus of a couple weeks – 


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  1. Awww. I’m a little teary-eyed. That was sweet. Blake such a cad. Anyway, I love the name and can’t wait for Blake to grow up and give Blake hell! Paybacks are hell or so they say!

    I love the pose of him using two chairs and holding her hand! I NEED that!


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