Prologue – University Life

Editorial Note: This post is different than the usual story chapters, as you cannot edit university lots without a cheat and I wanted to avoid that until I get acquainted with the pack better. So the images are not the same quality and I was unable to pose the Sims. Still, I think this chapter does a good job introducing the next generation.

18 year old Chase sat down at his desk, doing assignments, now finally alone. His noisy roommates had flown the coup to party off some of the stress, Chase stayed behind to work on a paper he had due.

What a crazy past few months it had been.

Ever since his high school graduation he had been so excited about attending university. As the day drew closer, the excitement changed to a funny feeling in his stomach and just thinking about moving into the dorm with strangers and away from his family made him nervous to almost puking levels, leaving him worried and afraid.

Confirming his gut feeling, his first days had not been the stuff a young man’s dreams were made off. He got laughed at, talked down to, excluded, pranked and was just constantly lost. He now knew he had been so obviously a newbie when he walked onto campus for the first time. It seemed like ages ago. Things changed quickly here at university. That included people. Adjust or go under.

While typing he reminisced about the day he arrived here at campus some months ago now, with his parents and Kiera dropping him and his stuff off at the assigned dorm house. They met the roommate he was sharing the tiny room with for the first time.

Zach was already in his final year of college, just like the other two roommates they shared the small on-campus house with.

Despite Chase’s family standing right there, Zach didn’t even attempt to hide that he was not too happy a freshman had been assigned to them. Except some disapproving words and grunts, he barely spoke to them at all.

After Chase’s family left, Zach told him with a smug grin that he thought Chase was a hopeless geek with a stick up his ass but at least his girlfriend was hot and looked like a bomb in the sack, meaning Kiera.

Chase just about lost it right then

“That’s my little sister, you pervert!”

Not the best start. Not at all.

Chase got lost trying to find his way around campus and was several minutes late for his first few classes, which didn’t leave the best first impression with the professors. Throughout the next few weeks though Chase managed to build a good reputation as a studious guy and over the following months and years he became one of the top students to the point that if any of the faculty would know him. In the best way.

College life was nothing Chase’s sheltered life up to now could have prepared him for. It wasn’t necessarily bad, just very, very different. And extremely confusing at times.

A prime example being while getting ready to take a shower one day, Emma, the only female roommate among three boys, just walked in on Chase. He still often forgot to lock the bathroom door, since he had never needed to at home.
Pulling his pants back up quickly and zipping them fast as he could, Emma, a nerdy type with glasses, came over, suddenly pushed him against the shower and began making out. Chase was so shocked, he just let it happen. Maybe even sorta went along.

It ended with his pants unzipped again and on the floor while he experienced his first time having sex. In a university dorm shower stall, no less,  with a girl he kinda lived with, but barely knew, other than her name was Emma Phillips, she was 22, majored in Communications and apparently her favorite colors were puke beige and Pepto-Bismol pink. Yeah, confusing, but not necessarily bad. Definitely unexpected though.

After that day in the shower she would just walk into his room whenever Zach was out for a while and interrupted Chase’s studies to … well … repeat the shower incident. To this day her behavior still puzzled Chase. But he was so young, dumb and … well … full of testosterone that he didn’t argue with what was so readily offered to him.

Chase never stopped her. Not once. He never initiated anything, but whenever she came onto him, he dropped whatever else he had been doing to … well … do her instead.

This was part of college, right? You were supposed to do this type of thing. Right? So, he did. With Emma from wherever, who may or may not have a family … or a boyfriend. Who knew? Moreover, who really cared? Not Chase. The only thing he always cared about after that surprise first time was protection. If his daddy had been one thing, it was adamant that whatever he did behind the scenes – or between the sheets – would be fully safe. Blake never asked any uncomfortable questions, but after every family visit, be it home or at campus, Chase was fully stocked up on protection.

After months of them doing their naughty thing, Chase felt obligated to ask her out on a date. After that day she always introduced Chase to others as her boyfriend.
If he was perfectly honest, Chase wasn’t sure how he felt about that. He never made mention about her to his family. Had it not been for her promiscuous ways, he would have never looked twice at her. She was pretty much the opposite of his type.

His two male roommates finally warmed up to him too, especially when they realized he had worked his way through the ranks of the university soccer team. Sports always went a long way at any university, Foxbury Institute was no different.

There was roommate Bryce Harrison, an unpredictable, rambunctious and crude jock with a very carrying voice and lots of girls flocking around him at all times, but none he ever introduced to anyone as anything steady, let alone by name, leaving one to suspect that likely he had no idea who they were, nor did he care. They’d be replaced by a new batch tomorrow.

Chase had no idea when Bryce ever found the time to study, let alone go to class, he always either was at a party, on his way to one, throwing one or sleeping the results of one off. He was also a hit and a miss. Some days he barely acknowledged Chase’s mere existence, other days he treated him like they had been BFFs all their lives.

Then there was of course Emma, studious, nerdy, aloof Emma, with the strange promiscuous side whenever Chase was involved you would never guess by just looking at her very unassuming appearance. Aside from that Chase knew nothing about her. She never offered up any information, and Chase frankly never asked.

Zach Larson, a former well celebrated quarterback of a big high school, promising to make it into the pro-leagues until a bad injury ended that dream for him, which was the reason he was often bitter.
Interestingly, his second love and talent was food, he was studying culinary arts at college.
Not something you’d ever guess looking at him. He still looked all jock and zero chef. However, Chase would attest he was very talented in the kitchen and him testing out new creations and final projects on his roomies was the reason Chase wasn’t a walking skeleton. His busy studying schedule, full class load and constant soccer practice slimmed him down tremendously.

Somehow, at some point, Chase and Zach became really good friends, even though the fact that Kiera turned out to like him a little too much, to the point that it almost seemed like the only reason she came for visits at all was Zach, and not to see her brother annoyed Chase tremendously.

One night, about at the middle of his second semester there, the roomies decided Chase had studied enough and just dragged him off to the campus commons for a game of beer pong. Needless to say that was another first for now almost 19 year old Chase. Another memorable experience.

Bryce won. Chase lost, and not just the game. All night, well into the next morning he lost his stomach contents repeatedly and almost missed class, due to his very first hangover. Ugh.

At the last day of the second semester, when everyone was getting ready to go home and visit family, Emma found Chase in the kitchen, he thought to say goodbye since she graduated the week prior, instead she broke up with him, without warning, then left him standing there.
That was the last time he ever saw her.

Not like this relationship had been anything to cry after her over. Nothing like what he expected a relationship to be like. They had probably more the friends with benefits variety and if he was honest, she wasn’t his type at all.
Watching her say her goodbyes to the others and Bryce’s pitying looks he couldn’t help but wonder.
How did he end up there again?

The next year was filled with lots of learning.
During semester break, just before Chase, Zach and Bryce left to go home they threw a party. Right as Chase almost agreed to have a drink there was someone at the door. Chase went to answer, said drink in hand, then wished he hadn’t. His dad! A surprise visit and probably to pick him up to take him home so he wouldn’t have to take the several hour long train ride as usual.

Luckily Blake proved to be a very cool father, joined the party and even helped his son with his very first keg stand. Later, during a moment alone he did remind him that this should have been the exception, not a rule.

Chase knew his parents didn’t have much money, sending him here was a stretch and a struggle, even though they never said a word about that. When he was still little they both had found jobs to do from home so they could maximize time with their kids. Chase he was determined not to disappoint them.

He had joined the university soccer team in his first semester and was exceeding, they won almost every match.
His professors sung his praises and his grades reflected it. It was hard work. But by now he enjoyed it in a way.

Speaking of work, Chase made his own money playing the guitar for coin and tutoring other students.

And then the last semester came. Chase already knew he would graduate, the question now was just the exact grade. His professors were delighted by him, sometimes even sat with him during meal times if they happened upon each other in the campus cafeteria.

The final exams. They were hard. The last weeks had been spent cramming, exclusively. He was well prepared, all papers had been turned in, all presentations given. He remembered walking to his very last exam ever, knees shaky, heart beating fast. The last class, last exam of his life.

Needless to say he did it. Exceedingly well.

Then came some days to relax, let loose, and the graduation. He took the obligatory Selfie, just as giddy as all the other graduates. Knowing his family was seated inside the big ceremony hall about to watch him graduate with honors made him incredibly proud.

The ceremony was amazing, a lot more official and pompous than his high school graduation.

The diploma looked official.

As did the graduation picture they had been invited to last week.

After the ceremony the graduates met outside for the obligatory cap toss. This was him, Chase Cameron, 22 years old, the 7th generation of Brindleton Bay Camerons, a Physics major with a job already lined up to start next week as a Scientist at the esteemed Einstein Institute of Science.

Kiera on the other hand had started her school career strong, did not show too much enthusiasm about university, especially not leaving her family, and it was no surprise that she did not make it into any distinguished degrees programs nor received any scholarship.

She was however offered a teacher’s aide position at Brindleton Bay High. This was right up her alley and nobody fought her decision not to get a college degree. She loved kids and teaching, so it all had been a blessing in disguise.

When Briar Rose’s time came, not surprisingly, she went the architecture route at San Myshuno University, as she would one day take over EC Architects, like her father before her, and her grandfather before him.




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