8-13) Hannah’s Wedding

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
~Mignon McLaughlin

The bride ran into the arms of the handsome young man who had just entered the bridal chamber, he caught her, let her kiss his cheek and squeeze him as tight as she could, while returning the favor a lot more delicate to not hurt her or destroy her makeup.

“Ewan! You’re here! I was so afraid you would miss it!” Hannah squealed excitedly.

“I can tell, that’s why you and Sven eloped without me there, right?” he said softly near her ear, smirking.

She let go of him and gave him a guilty look.

“Oh no, not you too. We have caught so much shit for that, from my family, from his, all our friends. It seemed so romantic at first, but when I told mom and dad you’d think I told them I blew up an orphanage. Yikes.”

“Well, now you have an excuse to get married to the same guy twice, every girl’s dream, huh? You look gorgeous, by the way, like a runway model. So, are you knocked up yet?”

“WHAT? No!” Hannah grimaced.

“Hey, valid question after the sudden urgency.”

“Uh – Ewan … hate to break it to ya, but Sven and I have been dating for over a year, been engaged for almost six months now, not counting the little interruption because of – well, you know. Either way, not exactly what’s considered a rush wedding in the real world. Guess you’ve lived life in the fast lane too long to remember what that’s like.”

“Been here for not even 5 minutes and already get insulted. Well, congrats either way.” he grinned.

“So, are you back for good?”

“Back in Brindleton Bay or from my trip?”


“Trip yes, the Bay no. I can’t, Hannah, my entire career is in Del Sol Valley. I already got reamed by my managers and various others for being gone in the first place. I need to get back there, ASAP, but didn’t want to leave before your wedding.”

“We’ll see about all that. I came back, Eric moved back, you will too. We all belong here, Ewan. When they told me you disappeared, everyone just freaking out, but I didn’t. You used to do that when we were younger, on a smaller scale, but you did. I knew you’d come back when you were ready, just hoped you’d return ready to move home. Guess you need another trip for that, huh? But – more importantly, that mystery girl you brought back with you … when will Eric and I get properly introduced?”

“I can introduce you now, she’s here, just wanted to see you alone first. Especially without that husband of yours.” Ewan pulled a face.

“You’re not still carrying a grudge against Sven, are you?”

“He nailed my ex-fiance! Goes without saying that I am not in love with him, but I don’t have to be, that’s your job. You love him, you forgave him, I respect that enough to want to be civil with that moron, but I am not gonna be besties with him – ever. Not even for you, beautiful.”

“Because you and I are just perfect, right? Anyway, so about that mystery girl …”


“Ava. Pretty name. How serious are we?”

“Friends, Hannah, just friends. For now. Everything else remains to be seen.”

“Ah, taking things slow, I get it. Definitely a good sign, knowing how fast you usually work. Bed ’em and forget ’em.” Hannah giggled, Ewan only cracked a faint smile, staying unusually serious but with a hint of a faraway smile.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen, Hannah, she is not like any of the other girls I have been with. I really cannot even tell you for sure if she really likes me or just enjoys the ride.”

Hannah just grinned wide, wiggling her eyebrows.

“No, not like that, you gutter mind! We haven’t. Not even a peck on the cheek, let alone a real kiss yet. I haven’t touched her, I swear. She likes toying with me way too much to actually let me get there. Guess I’m into torture, who knew?”

“Ok, now it’s confirmed. You are crazy for her. Ewan’s in LUUUUUV!” Hannah clapped her hands.

“I said I don’t know! My sweet Hannah, I promise you, you will be the first to know once I do.” he took her hands into his, blew a kiss on the tips and smiled, the sweetest gesture underlining how close the two were.

“Ewan, I have literally known you all your life, seen you with so many girls since we all were old enough to date, I know when I see what I see now. You finally met your Miss Right! That is so cute! I LOVE it! I’ll make sure I keep all my wedding planning stuff handy for ya!” she hugged him and kissed his cheek again.

“You do that. And I better go and grab a seat and talk with Eric and Charlee before I grow boobs and a vagina. See you when you walk down that aisle. Luv ya, Hannah.”

“You can run from the truth, but you won’t get far … and I love you too, you stubborn man!”

He just waved back without turning around.

The ceremony was beautiful, Hannah’s parents very emotional but also appeased about finally having a proper wedding for their beloved little girl who was now a married woman.

The party afterwards was fun and, but it was obvious how much planning must have gone into all the details. Hannah’s mother Kiera had probably been planning her daughter’s special day ever since Hannah was born, but definitely since they were introduced to Sven and it became clear the two were serious.

A little bit away from the action two young people stood next to each other.

“I am thinking about flying out tomorrow afternoon, does that work for you?” Ewan told Ava.

“Didn’t realize I was in charge of your schedule.”

“I meant, if you had plans to see something else here first.”

“Just the airport. I may need to borrow some money for a ticket, but I promise I’ll pay you back in full. I mean, you know where I live now.”

“You’re not coming with me?”

She shook her head.

“Why?” Ewan felt panic rise.

“I belong in the small town. I realized today that your family is … they’re all nice, but I really felt like a total klutz here. All dressed so nice, so perfect … no way I could pull off Del Sol Valley after seeing this is what you consider small town and laid back.”

“That’s not true! You fit in. Everyone loves you and you had a great time, didn’t you?”

“You know why you lied about who you are, Ewan? So people don’t let that influence whether or not they like you. Your family likes me, because you brought me here. Truth be told, had I known who and what you are, I would have never gotten in that car with you, because this is real life, not a movie. I have no business running around with some movie star from some wealthy family. Those kind of happy endings are not real, not for someone like me. All I can do is cherish this crazy memory and hope you’ll remember me.”

“No no no – wait! Ava, you cannot just leave me. We don’t have to go to the Valley  … actually I do. Shit. Ava, please … gimme a chance here.”

“A chance for what, Ewan? Just for a split-second imagine us being a couple, you sitting in some talk show explaining how we met. Again, works in movies, but not real life. We’d be torn to pieces, the big superstar dating a waitress from some shitty diner in the desert. That even sounds stupid as a movie plot.”

“You think it would bother me what they’d say or think? If you do, those people skills you are so proud of really abandoned you.”

“What about my job?”

“The diner? You quit.”

“I quit that job so many times. As soon as I walk back in, uncle Jim will hire me right back. And no, he isn’t a real uncle, just an old friend of dad’s I’ve known all my life. See, our lives are just too different. Mine will end where it began.”

“You want to go back working at the diner?”

“What did you think would happen?”

“I don’t know, you come with me, stay with me and we’ll go from there. Figure it out.”

“Life lesson, Ewan. Any girl who’d do that, just drop her entire life, expecting you to pay for everything, doesn’t have your best interest in mind.”

“Not that unheard of. I see nothing wrong with it.”

“Let me guess, that’s what your ex did?”

“No. Yes. Well .. kinda … okay, yes she did.”

Ava gave him a look.

“What? She is a successful actress too. It just made sense.” Ewan justified himself.

“Yeah, if she is so successful, why did you end up paying for everything? You did, didn’t you? That took your relationship far too. All the way onto another guy’s twig and berries. In the apartment YOU paid for.”

“Wow! Emotional roundhouse kick right in the heart and balls at the same time, many thanks.”

“Truth hurts. You want me to baby you, Ewan? Really? Cos I can’t, I care too much to lie right to your face about all this. I think you have been surrounded by enough smoke and mirrors, truth may do you good.”

“Okay Ava, let me cut the bullshit if you like truth so much: forget all the fame and money and shit, do I have even a snowball’s chance in hell with you?”

“You really are a prime example that sometimes the dumbest people have college degrees.” she turned and began walking back to the venue’s building.

“Hey – no! Not that again! Don’t always leave me standing around like a fool. How about an answer every once in a while. Something definite, since I am apparently so stupid.”

She gave him a look making him think she’d slap him, but instead she stood on her toes and kissed him, just on the cheek, but it was enough to make him hot and cold.

When he unfroze from the surprise and wanted to hug her back, she ran inside.

He smiled, but didn’t follow.

“Definite enough for me! We’ll figure the rest out – somehow.” he told himself.

The next morning Ava did fly back home while Ewan flew back to Del Sol Valley. She didn’t own a cell phone or any other device so it was radio silence, killing Ewan whenever he wasn’t hitting the ground running, making up for the time he was gone.

Hannah and Sven in the meantime moved into their brandnew home in Brindleton Bay the day of the wedding – officially. Their first night here would be their wedding night.

And what a night it would be! They may have been a couple for a long time, and even married for a few weeks now after eloping before the official ceremony, but after the incredibly romantic mood the wedding celebration had them in, their juices flowed, desire for each other skyrocketing.

The wedding night started in the closet as soon as they arrived home, Hannah’s attempt to carefully remove and hang up her wedding gown ended with it on the floor and them standing on it, making out so hot the windows seemed to fog up – and didn’t end until the birds started chirping and the sun was rising again.

Hannah could not be happier. Married to the man she loved, her family happy and at peace with it all again, both her cousins and best friends also in love, and despite her worries Ewan had even made it to the wedding. Her little world was at peace.

To her, this day felt like an angle point of her life and she was ready for whatever it would throw her way.

The only hope she had left was that both her beloved cousins would find the same kind of love she had – soon – so the ‘trifecta’ could be happy together with their respective partners.

-to be continued-







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  1. I’m not shocked that Ava left to go back home after seeing his family. It had to be overwhelming. Still sad though. She said she would pay him back and I expect she will. Maybe that will be how they manage to reunite or one or both of them will finally make a move and go see the other. Likely Ewan since he has the means to do so. He’s gonna figure out how much he misses her and her no nonsense approach to things. She won’t go with him though, unless she can pay her way. I’m not sure how they overcome that. But love will most certainly find a way. 💖

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  2. The next chapter will bring some answers (not all). The Ewan/Ava thing will be a topic for a few more chapters, and it won’t be a straight line, that is already certain. There is a lot to be overcome and it doesn’t look easy, if at all possible, so what ultimately is going to happen remains to be seen (well, for the readers, it’s already written in stone from where I sit). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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