8-20) Never Say Never

Don’t expect things to happen it’s better to be surprised than be disappointed.

Today was one of the few rare weekends all six friends had time off and all were in town, so Hannah and Sven had invited the others to their home for a friendly get-together. While everyone stayed in touch best they could, having all six get together had become rare nowadays.

There was good food, laughter, friendly teasing, everyone shared their updates and plans.

The only low undertone was set by the animosity between Sven and Ewan. Most of the time it was fairly well controlled, today was not one of those days. From the minute Ewan and Ava arrived, the two had been bickering.

“Can you not for one minute NOT talk about yourself?” Sven now interrupted Ewan’s flood of words annoyed.

“I wasn’t talking about myself, thank you very much, but about my son. It’s called fatherly pride and not something YOU would know much about.” Ewan landed a low-blow.

“As if you had ever changed a single diaper on that kid!” Sven snorted mockingly.

“I have – ask my wife! I change diapers, man, hundreds of them each day. Even changed my son on set before, during breaks. We only have a nanny when I take my wife out on a romantic date night. The rest of the time we share the duty 50:50! My son will grow up with both parents very involved, as will any future kids we may have! Just so you know! And I let you run your mouth at me since this is your home and Hannah cares so much about your ass, but tread lightly, bobo!” Ewan closed with a warning.

“More kids! Do the world and them a favor and get yourself snipped before that happens! One of you plus a mini you is plenty! And call me bobo ever again and see what happens!”

“Ah – that’s why you are so sandy! You are jealous that I have a kid and can have an infinite amount more while you are over here screwing poor Hannah raw shooting your blanks at her till she bursts! You sure you are even sticking it in the right hole or need me to draw you some directions?”

“I am gonna …” Sven got angry, puffed up as he agressively stepped towards Ewan.

“No guys, stop it!” Hannah interjected.

She had jumped up to interfere, as she stepped to to go between the two men she suddenly froze, got pale, her eyes wide and before anyone – including herself – could react, she had thrown up right in front of all right at Ewan and Sven’s feet.

“Eww … Hann, WTF? Those are handmade Italian leather sneakers!” Ewan looked between his perceived ruined shoes and Hannah.

“Hannah, my brand-new jeans – just bought them yesterday!” Sven exclaimed while staring at the splatter on this legs then his wife.

“Oh no, Hannah! Honey, come with me, let’s get you to the bathroom!” Charlee put her arm around Hannah and pulled her along.

“I’ll clean this up!” Ava looked around for cleaning supplies.

“I’ll help you.” Eric told Ava.

“No Eric, I was a waitress since I was 14 and trust me, this is not the first or even the twentieth time I clean up someone else’s puke. I got this, I have seen much worse. You go work your cop magic and deal with Ewan and Sven, make sure they get themselves cleaned up and lay off that peaocking around. I am too little-bitty, when they reached that stage they don’t even take me serious anymore.” Ava instructed.

“Good point. Come on you two jabronies, you heard the lady. Sven, you go wipe off your jeans in the guest bathroom and Ewan, we’ll rinse of your kicks with the hose outside. Don’t make me go bad cop on you two bro-sefs!” Eric commanded with a sigh as he turned around to coral the two other men.

Once everything and everyone was cleaned up, Hannah was sat down with a glass of water, everyone looking at her.

“You sure you don’t have food poisoning?” Ewan asked concerned.

“Oh don’t you even utter those words! I run a restaurant! If anyone hears you say that, it could ruin my reputation. I ate what you all ate and I am the only one who got sick. I am sure there is a very simple explanation for this.”

“Maybe you are pregnant. This is pretty close to how I found out.” Ava shrugged.

“Ava … We haven’t even been trying anymore.” Hannah dismissed that idea.

“Well, we haven’t exactly not been trying, nor bothered with birth control.” Sven remarked.

“Sven, after we spent all our vacation money on that specialist, only to have him tell us that we both have underlying issues that combined may never result in a child. Can you guys believe that? We paid all that money for some guy to tell us if we wanted kids we should probably break up and be with other people! I never cried harder in my life! Should have listened to my husband and used the money to go on a beach vacation instead.”

“That is NOT what he said, he just said it would be a lot harder for us to get pregnant, not impossible. And he NEVER said we should be with other people, he merely said that our combo of issues complicates things, whereas if we each were with someone else, it would likely not even be a noticable problem, which would explain why Cassandra … ”

“And you should listen to your husband now. If you still have a test, take it.” Eric interrupted a very delicate topic.

“Fine, Eric, if it will put everybody’s minds at ease …” Hannah got up and left for the bathroom.

When she returned both Charlee and Ava set timers on their phones and when those went off, Hannah went to the bathroom, all eyes following her. She didn’t return for a while, everybody realized how hard this may be on her, that she was probably crying in the bathroom, so Charlee signaled she’d go for her, but Hannah already came back.

“Sven! Sven … Sven …” Hannah returned, pale and on shaky legs.

“Hannah what is it, baby?” he jumped up to keep her from fainting, guided her on the couch to sit next to him, when she held up the test. Sven needed a few double takes.

“Hannah – this reads PREGNANT!” Sven’s voice sounded oddly breathless.

“I KNOW! I had to re-read that one word a dozen times to make sure I am reading it right!”

“Holy freaking fuzzballs – NO WAY!” Ewan exclaimed, before the entire group broke into celebration.

“Sorry I was gone so long, guys, I couldn’t believe it so I took the rest of the package. They all say the same thing: pregnant! Sven, this is actually happening, right? I am not dreaming all this?”

“No, baby, this is as real as me. We’re gonna have a child.” Sven had pulled Hannah into a tight embrace, both of them laughing and crying at the same time.

“No need for the reminder … two of those vikings – ugh.” Ewan added sarcastically.

“Ewan …” Eric gave him a warning glance.

The rest of the afternoon was spend dancing, laughing, planning, even picking names, some jokingly, some more serious, speculating about the gender.

The following doctor visit confirmed that Hannah and Sven had been parents-to-be for almost 9 weeks already. This would give them more than half a year to come up with a plan on how to work a child into their lives.

Ultimately – since it was next to impossible for Hannah to step away from the restaurant now that it was finally going so well – Sven was the one who would step back and take care of the child.

A stay-at-home dad.

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. This started out so bad, but it ended much better. Sadly, I’m not sure Ewan and Sven will ever become best buds, but maybe their kids will be friends. I’m so happy for both of them. They were still pretty bitter about being reminded they couldn’t get pregnant. That had to be hard for them both to swallow.


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