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My life outside of the Sims is pretty involved, for me the Corona-lockdown really has not had an impact as I have been working from home for a long time.

I realized that I most enjoy actually playing, building and making sure all my Simmies look all right and have skills and many relationships with their families, which gets limited if trying to keep up outputting stories on here. That being said, writing is a passion and I haven’t run out of storylines, but alas, since SimLit seems to be a dying artform and the readers demand a lot of pictures, which take a significant time to pose especially if your storyline, like mine, is no the typical cartoony fairytale, but more of a darker, deeper action/adventure/thriller/romance movie in stills.

For years I have been trying to get readers more involved, comment, like, but despite a large number of activity, I failed to get people to give me feedback so I can evolve, making my efforts seem futile.
I also have noticed a lot of time readers seem to miss essential information between the lines or maybe my stories were too long to be read on mobile devices. Maybe immersive reading is also a dying artform, fallen prey to watching YouTube videos instead. 🙂

So, I had to make a difficult choice.

The Cameron Legacy won’t ever end, I love that family too much and all its members, past, present and future, those who are Camerons in name and by blood, no matter how diluted, but effective immediately it will be continued exclusively in a more digestible and more manageable form on the legacy’s FB page. I will post images and blurbs as they occur in-game for all to enjoy and follow along without having to sacrifice my own enjoyment and turning this into yet another job.

You can follow along at

Also,  I won’t close this site, so you can always peruse the old chapters again, there are about 450 to choose from. 🙂 If you go to the actual website there is a tab on the main menu on the top, if you hover your mouse over  “Past Generations” you get offered all the past gens, click on one and you are taken to an index page with the heir’s biography and a chapter list, which are all active hyperlinks. The “Current Generation” works the same.

The “Family Tree” leads to an interactive online family tree, where you can continue to follow the progress and new generations evolve.

Thanks for your patronage.cropped-capture-1-1.jpg

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