4-30) The Day Hell Froze Over

Everleigh has a fateful encounter, KC catches her in a lie and makes a dramatic decision affecting several of the current main protagonists' lives. At the end of the chapter, nothing is as it once was ...

4-15) Chance

"Oh hell no! Nope. We are gonna have one of those very soon anyway, handcrafted. No room for a free gift with purchase one. And don't you even dream of going weak on me there, babygirl. To you and your hormones: the answer is NO!" Blaine said.

2-30) Decisions of Life

Leonie was still sobbing, looking expectantly back and forth between her mother, the doctor and the nurse, all of them looking uncomfortable but not yet speaking. Finally Leonie realized the weight of her stomach, in a reflex her hands reached there. Still large and taunt. Even a little kick. She closed her eyes and leaned... Continue Reading →

1-47) Birthdays

“You know they sell those in bakeries and I’d have been more than happy to pick one up ...” Blaine looked concerned, when I dropped the spoon into the bowl again and pressed a hand before my face, turning away from the food. Once the feeling passed I replied. “I know. But it’s so much... Continue Reading →

1-24) Summer of Change

Our Vivian was born 10 Minutes to midnight during one of the worst summer heatwaves we ever had. Blaine was with me during then entire time. The home birth was no walk in the park, but nothing as I had feared, and after hours of labor quick and smooth. My baby was born a vampire,... Continue Reading →


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