Special Chapter) Embers

This chapter brings forth change at the worst time, affecting everyone in the story. Just like a forest fire, life is resillient and eventually recovers, stronger than before. Will this hold true for our protagonists? Or will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

Eternal Love

DISCLAIMER: You may need tissues, some very sappy and sobby parts in this one. Liam and Vivian walked out of the beachhouse together. Both visited their aging parents as often as possible, usually with their spouses, sometimes with their children, who were all grown now, busy with their own lives. Leonie and Vitto had office... Continue Reading →

Special Chapter) Un-Turning

Seven people were present in the living room in our beach house. Ezio and Melissa had just arrived. Vivian, Vitto, Blaine and I were there, as was our son Liam, who called the meeting. He was one of two standing up, the other was Vitto. Liam was looking slightly tense, even though now he cleared... Continue Reading →

1-76) Dates

The sun began to set over San Myshuno. I looked up from the proposal I had been reading over and out of the window, leaned back in my chair, propped my feet onto the desk. Still loved this view, even though it was pretty cloudy and foggy today. Still amazing in its own right. San... Continue Reading →

1-75) Wins & Losses

A few weeks have passed since the friendly get together that turned dramatic, where Blaine's grandson Ben brought his new girlfriend to meet us and she was mistaken for the girl who tried to take advantage of poor Vittorio and his inexperience with girls by telling him she was pregnant by him. Naturally Ezio had... Continue Reading →

1-74) Taking Care of Business

Blaine, Melissa and I sat at the bar by the kitchen over at the Auditore Mansion, just friends hanging out together, waiting for Ezio to get done with work in his home office, so we could start the evening by streaming some new movies. Liam was with the Auditore children in their room, playing. Mel... Continue Reading →

1-73) Seeing Double

"WOW, this is where you family lives? That's some HUGE crib!" "No, they are friends and neighbors of my grandparents. Super-cool people." They had now reached the front door, Ben rang the bell. The butler opened. Fey's eyes grew big and she could not stop looking around. They were pointed to the living room, where... Continue Reading →

1-72) Ben

Inside of a bar, after hours. Dusty, smoky air, you can almost taste the stale stench of old liquor and sweat by just looking at it. There is wait staff buzzing the last tables, in the corner a young man is rolling up cables and other music equipment. "Hey Cameron, make sure you get it... Continue Reading →


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