Special Chapter) Embers

This chapter brings forth change at the worst time, affecting everyone in the story. Just like a forest fire, life is resillient and eventually recovers, stronger than before. Will this hold true for our protagonists? Or will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

Eternal Love

DISCLAIMER: You may need tissues, some very sappy and sobby parts in this one. Liam and Vivian walked out of the beachhouse together. Both visited their aging parents as often as possible, usually with their spouses, sometimes with their children, who were all grown now, busy with their own lives. Leonie and Vitto had office... Continue Reading →

2-38) Criminal Intent

Liam was hanging up the phone, while already on his way into their youngest daughter's room. "Hey, do we have any plans tonight?" he asked Leonie, well aware they did not, and more as an intro to his request. "No, not that I know of. Why?" she said, looking up at him from playing with... Continue Reading →

2-36) What Goes Around …

"Liam! Liam, where are you?" Liam was working out, he had heard Leonie's car drive up, then heard her calling for him. He stopped his exercise, wiped off and followed her voice. "Here. What's up, baby?" "Oh my gawd, you would not believe whom I ran into?" she said, her voice nearly tipping over when... Continue Reading →

2-35) Off The Deep End

Liam's day with his father takes a inconvenient turn after learning some news... (Sorry for the lack of images. All the pictures I took ended up damaged and I just rather not have to retake them all. replaced them best I could with pics I already had.)


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