Special Chapter) Embers

This chapter brings forth change at the worst time, affecting everyone in the story. Just like a forest fire, life is resillient and eventually recovers, stronger than before. Will this hold true for our protagonists? Or will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

Eternal Love

DISCLAIMER: You may need tissues, some very sappy and sobby parts in this one. Liam and Vivian walked out of the beachhouse together. Both visited their aging parents as often as possible, usually with their spouses, sometimes with their children, who were all grown now, busy with their own lives. Leonie and Vitto had office... Continue Reading →

Special Chapter) The Big Scare

"Hey baby, you okay?" Liam asked, reaching for Leonie, who dodged his embrace. This was very unusual for her. He had only just arrived 2 hours ago after having been gone for 2 weeks in a row for filming in Iceland, and now was home for the weekend. "Not feeling well. Can you watch the... Continue Reading →

Special Chapter) Un-Turning

Seven people were present in the living room in our beach house. Ezio and Melissa had just arrived. Vivian, Vitto, Blaine and I were there, as was our son Liam, who called the meeting. He was one of two standing up, the other was Vitto. Liam was looking slightly tense, even though now he cleared... Continue Reading →


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