Esmée Cameron – The Fighter

Esmée is the older of twins born to KC and Everleigh Cameron, an intentional pregnancy breaking the Cameron curse of unexpected pregnancies. The twins are their only children.
She grew up in a healthy family stronghold, close to not only her twin brother but her parents, aunt, uncle and cousin Cole who is only months younger than her, as well as her grandparents Everett and Katie Cameron.

From early childhood on she had a very firm understanding of right and wrong and the only times she got into trouble was defending weaker kids from bullies.

Both Esmée, nicknamed Ezzy, and her brother Ethan always have been good students. Ethan has always been athletically inclined, playing baseball while Esmée is a cheerleader and also enjoyed ballet until a knee injury incurred at age 14 ended that hobby for good.


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