Everett “Rett” Cameron – The Business Man

The oldest of four children to Liam and Leonie Cameron, named after the place of his conception, Everett Heights, and often called Rett for short.

Since early childhood he had been a thinker, responsible and focused on self-development. He was never one to get in trouble, but often found with a book in hand.

Due to a series of misunderstandings, despite his parents great love for each other since they both were 15, his father Liam did not know about his existence until he found out on accident and immediately became part of their lives. Not long after he married Rett’s mother and they became a real family. Soon after his sister Natalie would be born.

Throughout his life he remained close with his family, very attached to his paternal grandparents, especially his grandfather Blaine, and very protective of his sister Natalie, whom he always had a best friend relationship with, much like his two younger siblings Jake and Brianna did as well.

As the oldest child he witnessed his father’s fame first hand and all the good and bad that brought along. He saw other women very obviously go after his father, sometimes in front of his mother, and it made clear to him that he would not emulate his father by attempting a career in acting. On the contrary, he wanted to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. Realizing even as a pre-teen that  even though his father was now retired from acting, there were still many people out there after fame and fortune, so he opted out of dating, focusing on academics instead, even more so, when he and his siblings were taken out of the public school system and entered into a private one along with other children of wealthy parents.

Once old enough to apply for college, his stellar grades left all possible options a aspiring student could wish for, but he chose the well-reputed but closest university of them all, San Myshuno University. While the campus was too far to live at home in Brindleton Bay, he would visit frequently.

Even in high school Everett had a clear map of what he wanted his life to be. Study, become an architect, build his own business from the ground up and make it an empire much like the Auditores had done with Finance. He wanted his name on that building and a legacy in his own right.

That dream was achieved at 22 years of age. At the top of the world, now, yet something still felt amiss.



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