Generation 3 – Everett “Rett” Cameron

Everett’s Biography (click)


While Everett is one of my all time favorite Sims and his storyline is wonderful, the story dynamics just would so have it that his chapter list seems rather short compared to the others. He will still be featured heavily in the chapters of Generation 4.


3-1) Insights
3-2) The Boss
3-3) The Sins of our Fathers
3-4) The Chase
3-5) Winning Trust
Eternal Love

3-6) Discord
3-7) Weddings
3-8) Gone
3-9) Damage Control
3-10) Dreams of Reality
3-11) Masquerade
3-12) Everett and Katie’s Wedding
3-13) The Honeymoon Phase
3-14) UnEXpected Encounters
3-15) Family
3-16) The Age of Change
3-17) Secrets Unfold, Secrets Untold
3-18) Farewells & Goodbyes
3-19) Back Home
3-20) A Friend In Need
3-21) Got A Secret, Can You Keep It?
3-22) Getting Busted


Generation 4 – Everleigh Rose “Evey” Cameron

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