Generation 8 – Eric, Hannah & Ewan

After a happy childhood and early teenage years, outgoing and happy-go-lucky Eric’s entire life changes in the blink of an eye when he is just weeks from his 16th birthday.

A horrific, fatal car accident leaves him permanently scarred. After a long recovery he finds that nothing is as it used to be and never will be again.

Hannah is Eric’s cousin and with Ewan, who technically is their distant cousin as well, as the son of their great-uncle, only separated by a few months in age, the three grew up together in a small town, which fused them together as best friends.

Both had been in the car with Eric the night of the car crash, but unlike him, both escaped with only small injuries.

They stay by his side through thick and thin, weathering the hardships his disfigurement often causes for Eric with him with unshaken loyalty.

Eric’s Biography
Hannah’s Biography
Ewan’s Biography


Prologue – Finding Your Way
8-00) The College Years
8-01) Stuck
8-02) Hannah
8-03) Ewan
8-04) Eric
8-05) House of Cards
8-06) Scarred Artistry
8-07) Relationships
8-08) The Point of no Return
8-09) Grain of Truth
8-10) Stranded
8-11) Drive
8-12) Rain Dance
8-13) Hannah’s Wedding
8-14) Ripples
8-15) The Proposal
8-16) Friendship & Gratitude
8-17) Gala
8-18) Beaches
8-19) Crisis
8-20) Never Say Never
8-21) Second Chances
8-22) All Eyes On Him
8-23) Saved
8-24) Indecent Proposals
8-25) Bitter Aftertaste
8-26) Hero
8-27) Lover
8-28) Fairy Tale Lost
8-29) Dragon
8-30) Holding On While Letting Go
8-31) The Secret of Life

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